Established in 2009, Heyces textile produces circular knitwear and wowen garments for many prestigious international brands. Positioned as a quality -conscious manufacturer, we take pride in offering state-of-the-art, fully customized and cost-effective solutions along with challenging fabric styles, flexible ordering choices and prompt delivery.

We have a strong track record of supporting a diverse customer base including small to medium sized brands, online fashion labels and large chain stores, spanning the entire European continent. Focusing primarily on customer satisfaction, we strive to provide products of the highest quality, using innovative solutions and socially responsible operating procedures complemented by excellent customer service.



Excellent results


Our sampling department, collaborating with a team of in-house designers and R&D experts, offers clients holistic product development assistance. Constantly monitoring emerging design concepts at leading fashion fairs, our design department - collaborating closely with R&D- carries out a detailed analysis of new customers and proposes style options using the most trendy fabrics, accessories, printing techniques and handicrafts.


Collection process in our company is accomplished through a collaborative work of our design, R&D and sampling teams. Monitoring emerging design concepts by attending international fashion fairs, our design team carries out style and needs analysis for every customer.


The products made of fashionable yarns and knit are priced from low to moderate range. If the fabric is in stocks, the collection can even be prepared within 3 -5 days. Otherwise, A period of 10-15 days is needed for photo samples and 15-21 days are required for salesman samples.
Production capacity : 90,000 to 150,000 pieces per month.

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Social Responsibility

Heyces and its subcontractors are constantly audited and accredited by prominent authorities. We strive to be an enterprise caring for the welfare of our labor force, as well as our suppliers who partner our growth. We aim to improve our social standards with valuable inputs from our global clients. We have BSCI and SEDEX report .

Production process

We can print between 8 to 12 colors with our finest quality printing machine known in the market and the rightest colors obtained in our color laboratories using correct molds.

We embroider (as qualified as hand-made) using the finest quality embroidery machines and the latest yarn technology in the market.

Heyces Tekstil provides service to its customers aiming at the top quality that can be obtained with an experience of 20 years and working with the most qualified brands for long years.